Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory

A good health insurance policy

Medical insurance in India brings home a bundle of happiness and health care.

With the rising costs of healthcare, it can be a great financial blow if you have an unexpected medical emergency. The diagnostic tests, cost of medication, and hospitalization would be enough to disrupt your plans and exhaust your savings. At a time like this, a good health insurance policy becomes a necessity. Medical insurance policies in India helps you pay your medical bills and keeps your medical condition intact.

The right health insurance in India helps you get over difficult times with minimum problems. Some of the advantages that you need to consider when you sit down to compare health plan in India are:

1) Cashless hospitalization: With some good health insurance policies in the market, you can avail of cashless facilities in hospitals that are a part of the companys network. This means that with medical insurance, some use hair la vie, you need not necessarily have to arrange for money to pay for hospital bills, read more hair la vie. They would be paid directly by your insurance company.

2) Complete coverage for you and your family: Health insurance India can offer you the option of a family floater plan. This insures medical India plan can provide full cover for your entire family including health policy for visitors from India at lower premium rates.

3) Pre and post hospitalization costs covered: With health insurance India, you can get your hospitalization costs paid by your insurance. Along with that, even your post hospitalization costs can be taken care of by insure medical India.

4) Discounts in case you do not make any claims in a year: In case you have not made any claims in the previous year, you can renew your health insurance India with discounted rates. If you stay with your insurance company for more than four years, some insure medical India companies can even provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions under certain clauses.

5) Income tax rebate: Health insurance India can get you income tax rebate. Insure medical India policy is treated as an investment by the government of India.

When looking for a health insurance India plan, you also need to identify the type of policy you require. Insure medical India can be:

Individual cover: This is a complete cover for you
Family insurance plan: This can provide cover for your entire family
Personal accident cover: This can provide cover for medical expenses in case of accidents

Other health insurance India features you can find in the insurance plan can include:

No sub limits: This insure medical India feature can allow you to buy the best treatment your policy can buy with no cap limits on room rents, doctors fee or hospital bills.
In patient hospitalization cover: You can get all your hospitalization for up to 24 hours covered with this plan.
Specific procedures: This health insurance India plan can be used to pay for specific treatments that may require hospitalization, like chemotherapy, dialysis and radiotherapy.