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A Novel Glance At The Arena Of E Cigarette Owners

Electric cigarettes are quickly crowding out their traditional cousins in the fight for retail shelf space.

This growth is happening despite the active opposition of the FDA and anti-smoking organizations. For some reason, these groups seem to be turning a blind eye toward the mounting evidence of the e-cigarette's effectiveness. Rather than studying the devices and encouraging adoption, they are seeking bans.

While FDA regulations prohibit e-cigarette companies from making any sort of health or smoking cessation claims, those 2.5 million people seem to have discovered the reality of the situation on their own.

Fortunately, the internet provides a wealth of information to people who know where to look. Beyond the e-cigarette companies' own sites which are hamstrung by regulations there are independent resources. Some sites, for example, http://www.stevevape.com are not run by e-cigarette companies and have the journalistic freedom to talk about all aspects of smokeless cigarettes.

There are also forums a plenty, as well as dedicated groups of e-cigarette users, known as vapers, who meet both in person as well as converse on social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook.

Very few consumer electronic products can garner the sort of community atmosphere as the e-cigarette. Many companies enjoy a dedicated group of fans. Apple is a great example of a loyal group of customers. But, somehow, e-cigarette users are different.

I might even to go so far as categorize vapers as a sort of counterculture. Sure, these folks talk about their favorite products and flavors. But, they also make deeper and more personal connections. For example, a group of these vapers got together to raise money for a fellow vaper who is battling cancer and facing steep medical bills.

Since so many users took up smokeless cigarettes to stay the hand of diseases like cancer, it's understandable the community would rally to help someone so afflicted.

On the down side, as with any group of people, there's in fighting and politics as well. Often, these battles happen quietly, with only people in the know making sideways remarks. Of course, the very nature of the internet and social media makes it hard for these battles to happen in secret. More often than not there are ugly public cat fights.

Not that this is unique to the vapers' groups. You can see this sort of fighting and coming together on just about any special interest forum. There is still something different when it comes to the vapers and the level of passion they hold for their devices.

It goes beyond the sort of brand loyalty you see with video game consoles for example. An idea is what cements the vapers together. Not any one brand, or flavor, or style. The idea they hold dear is that through the use of such a simple device, they have been able to improve their lives and the lives of the people around them.

While so-called health groups attempt to ban them. While local politicians try to figure out how to make tax money, vapers come together knowing the simple truth. Electric cigarettes have made things: better.