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Natural Treatment for Gout

For those who have a crystallization of uric acid in their joints, it can become quite painful. Gout will usually affect an individual's big toe, but it can also affect wrists, ankles, fingers and elbows. Those who suffer from gout are not able to eliminate all of the excess buildup of uric acid in their kidneys. Your kidneys are responsible for cleansing all of the toxic waste from your body.

A gout attack can come on suddenly. The best thing you can do is treat the gout as soon as you notice any symptoms. Common indications that gout may be present are tender, swollen and warm joints. If you are having a severe amount of pain in your big toe, that is often an indication of gout. Some people may have chills and a fever. Attacks themselves can range from a few hours to as long as a few days. In rare instances, an attack can last for weeks at a time.

Natural treatments for gout often prove to be the most beneficial to those who are suffering with the condition. Below are some of the following that have been known to work:

Bananas have been proven to work extremely well in treating gout. Those who are suffering with symptoms can eat eight to nine bananas per day until they no longer have any of the accompanying symptoms of gout, more focus factor.

Sour or sweet cherries are another great natural treatment for gout. As soon as you notice symptoms, you will want to consume around 25 cherries daily. Once you notice the symptoms beginning to subside, you can reduce the amount to 10 cherries daily. If possible, fresh cherries are always the best natural treatment for gout.

Since apples contain malic acid, it helps to neutralize all of the uric acid and give you the relief you desire from your gout symptoms. Eat an apple after every meal for the best results.

Limes are another solvent for uric acid and they contain loads of vitamin C, they are great for helping to sooth sore joints. Squeeze the juice from half a lime into a glass of water and consume it at least twice per day.

Make sure you are eating foods that are fresh and unprocessed. Include an adequate supply of nuts, beans, whole grains and cold-water fish into your regular diet. Drink an abundance of water on a daily basis. Take your body weight and divide it in half to determine the proper amount of water intake required for treating gout.